I hate people – Part 3

"The Wigger"
The future is in their hands
Yes, the Wigger. Anyone reading this probably hates these people already. Generally the Wigger comes from an upper middle class white family and has never seen a black person until the age of 14. The Wigger is the guy that you never liked growing up, but you still kind of put up with because somehow, he was able to produce pot during a brown out. Somewhere along the line he saw "Menace2Society", thought O-Dog was cool, and set out to emulate a fictional character.

The Wigger comes one shape: Thin

and one color: White

The Wigger is somehow able to assimilate society better than any other person in his age group, because he shows tolerance to people of color. Or I assume as much, because most people I have ever worked with that were my age were all Wiggers.

This Guy is guarding your children in Myrtle Beach
The Wigger is more aggressive than his black counterpart. Since O-Dog was aggressive in the movie, the Wigger has to be 1000 X more so. He will hoot and holler for a fight, but piss his pants when someone like you or I step up. Somehow, the Wigger STILL has street cred, or so he will claim.
Suge Knight "talked" to me
Now its time to dissect The Wigger’s though process.

1) Freestyle rap anytime I can

2) FUBU is for ME too

3) I can DJ

4) I can relate to Eminem; my parents suck too, although they bought me my Ford Talon and kickin’ system

5) I would survive in prison, because I know some Crips

The Wigger has a girlfriend; she is called The Chickenhead, because her head bobs like a chicken while she sucks off someone. She does not feel disrespected by this, because she loves her boyfriend. In fact, she loves her boyfriend so much, that she listens to the same shit he does, which is hip hop. She will do whatever her boyfriend asks, and she will be at his side whenever possible. The Chickenhead pretends VERY WELL. The fact of the matter concerning The Chickenhead IS, that she likes whatever she is told to like. She is a lap dog to her Wigger boyfriend. I find it bizarre how any woman in this day and age will obey ANYONE.

The Chickenhead is mostly cute, not hot – neither ugly, but cute. She grew up, like I said, the same way the Wigger did, but somewhere along the line she decided she wanted to piss off her Father. She didn’t want to date Black, or else she would never go back, and, as we all know, once you go Mexican, you never want sex again. So she went with the lower rung, and dated Hep-C the Wigger, aka Casey Hibowitzki from around the block.

Flava Flave is The Sex
Born out of the same background, the Chickenhead shows signs of aggression beyond even the Wigger’s, but her only real defense when it’s time to go, is: "My fiancé will FUCK YOU UP!!!" You see, all Chickenheads are engaged. She will piss and moan about how her boyfriend is such an asshole, and claim that she is going to leave him, but she usually ends up cracked out, but still right there at his side.
Yeah yeah, you know where I got it, so fuck off
The Chickenhead thought process is very similar to ehe Wigger's:

1: My fiancé is great at freestylin'

2: FUBU is for ME too

3: My fiancé can DJ

4: I can relate to Eminem; my parents suck too, although they bought me my Ford Talon and a kickin' system

5: My fiancé would survive in prison, because he knows some Crips

I want to lay blame somewhere. I want to blame MTV, I want to blame the liberalization of American Values, I want to blame SOMEONE, so I will. I will blame YOU, dear reader, for not keeping this fucker in line and letting him know his role as a bitch ass. He and his "fiancée" have embraced something that we the general population have come to accept.

So next time you see a Wigger, punch him in the mouth.

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